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5 Plumbing Tips During the Warm Season

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Australia has quite a different weather pattern from the US, Europe and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere. It has a largely temperate climate so Aussies enjoy sunshine all year round. Snow is mostly concentrated in certain parts of Tasmania and in the mountain areas of New South Wales, but in most parts and in Central Australia, people get to experience warm and pleasant weather, with a little rainfall.

Nevertheless, sunny days are the perfect time to inspect and maintain your plumbing system at home. To address clogs and other plumbing issues, it is recommended that you find a 24 hour plumber who can fix the problem any time of the day. But for the meantime, here are some plumbing tips you can follow during the warm season.

Get a new set of drain strainers.

It might come a bit surprising but your old strainers may now be filled with hair strands that a new set would keep the hair out.

Check the pipes.

In the previous cold season, you may have missed checking the pipes as well as some appliances that may have been destroyed by the freezing temperatures. Now is the time to look out for leaks and cracks and have the pipes repaired by your trusted serviceman, look into materials like 304 stainless steel for durability.

Remove clogs.

Since the warm season is a cheerful time for animals, some nesting pests may have left behind their nesting materials like sand, leaves and twigs in your drains. Now is the right time to clear out the blocks.

Do a general home inspection.

Summer is the perfect time to inspect your entire home, particularly appliances and fixtures, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, pipes, toilet drains and kitchen sinks, among others. Check out for rust, calcium deposits as well as traces of corrosion on the pipes. If you see water puddles, check for any leaks since stagnant water can become a breeding ground for insects.

Prepare for winter.

The month before the winter season starts is the best time to check your home plumbing system to avoid bursting of pipes in the coming freezing months. While this issue is not a big deal in most parts of Australia, it can be in some snowy regions.

Leaks and drips have to be repaired at this time because when the ice comes, the damage could worsen and get expensive for repair. In autumn, the falling leaves could accumulate on the roof causing clogs and blockages. Likewise, overgrown branches could extend towards your awning causing some destruction.

Faucets outside of the house should be shut off and all hoses to be disconnected to avoid pipe freezing. Sediments and build up from water tanks and heaters should be flushed out. See if the heater valves are in good condition and the thermostat adjusted properly.

Now that you know these plumbing tips during the warm season, you can just sit back and relax during the colder months.