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Common Plumbing Issues That Occur In Older Farm Homes!

Common Plumbing Issues


A lot of farm homes in America are getting up there in age, which is why farm home owners need to be aware of all sorts of plumbing problems that can often occur simply due to wear and tear.

Plumbing problems arise in all sorts of different ways, which is why it’s so important to know red flag warning signs to be on the lookout for. So below we’re going over some common plumbing issues that occur in older harm homes, and warning signs associated with these issues that you should look out for!

Common Farm Home Plumbing Problems At Older Properties 

Although there are plenty of plumbing problems that occur at older farm homes, the below list are some of the most common:

Pipe Corrosion 

If your farm home was built prior to the 90s, then there’s a pretty high likelihood that your plumbing system has or will experience corrosion of some kind. There are many different types of pipe corrosion, but any and all pipe corrosion is seriously detrimental to your plumbing system as a whole.

Some of the common warning signs of pipe corrosion include:

  • Yellowish-brown water hues, or any water discoloration
  • Any discoloration beneath your sinks or in your basement
  • Running water meters (when there’s no water flow)
  • Unexplained water bill increases
  • Sagging flooring or wet carpeting

Pipe Bellies 

There are a lot of issues that occur in older homes that require sewer line repair jobs by experienced plumbing teams, and one common sewer line repair is associated with pipe bellies. This issue is connected to a home’s foundation settling into the ground for decades, which can create underground shifts that then create negative slopes in pipes, aka pipe bellies.

Pipe bellies are a huge concern because they can lead to increased pressure and serious clogs, and often these issues will require pipe inspection cameras to determine the extent of the necessary repair.

Failing Farm Home Sewer Lines 

Sewer lines simply fail after long periods of time, and this type of plumbing problem can wreak havoc throughout your farm home. Part of the source of this issue is that people will invest in appliance upgrades and other renovations, without taking their pipes and sewer lines in mind.

So the newer appliances can put more stress on the older pipes, which can then experience all sorts of problems.

Some failing sewer line warning signs include:

  • Bad smells throughout your home
  • Multiple slow drains
  • Unexplained soft spots in yard
  • Wastewater backups

Outdated Plumbing Connections & Fixtures 

Another common issue associated with older farm homes is their usage of very old plumbing fixtures and connections. The hard truth is that these antique fixtures simply don’t last forever, and corrosion can create all sorts of issues when these fixtures aren’t replaced at the right time.

So as much as we all love the rustic aesthetics of these types of fixtures, we have to be smart in terms of knowing when it’s time to upgrade!

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There are so many reasons why farm home owners need to be very careful with their plumbing systems, and addressing certain issues with your aging system will always be a worthwhile investment.

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