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Reasons to buy a low foot bed

Low foot Chesterfield beds


Choosing a bed should be taken seriously because they are the focal points of your bedroom and are not replaced soon. When we choose a bed, the first thing to look for in buying a bed is that it should be comfortable and stylized design. To be comfortable is the basic thing to look for in a bed.

There are some things which we should take into consideration while choosing a bed but are often overlooked. One of such things which is overlooked while choosing a bed to buy is the height of the bed from the ground to its mattress.

Let’s explore some things that come with the height and help us to determine what height is good for the bed to be comfortable for your body and mind.

Comfort is no compromised

The comfortability in the bed, among many other things, very much depends upon the fact that how high is the bed. It is of the most important that there is how much ease with which you get in or get out of the bed. The low foot bed is easy for you to get in and get out of it without getting uncomfortable.

Bed Height

The bed height should be according to your height. The average knee height of a human being is from 16 to 24 inches. The height of the bed including the frame and the mattress should be between these numbers. The height should not be higher or lower than this given number,otherwise, you can get strain in your leg muscles.

If the bed is too high where your feet do not touch the ground when sitting on the bed then you will jump in the bed every time you want to get in the bed and get out of the bed. This can have a bad effect on the knee joints, especially for elderly people.

Different types

They come in different stylish designs and heights to soothe your styling sense and room décor. These low foot beds are of different types, here we talk a little about the following type;

Low foot Chesterfield beds, Low foot Ottoman beds, Low foot Sleigh beds, Low foot Winged, beds. These beds are luxurious and stylish and available in different heights from the ground. The height of the bed matter when you are getting in bed or getting out of the bed.

These are all luxurious items that can be a part of any household according to the other décor present in the room. When buying a stylish product for your bedroom the comfort should be the foremost thing to look for, especially when buying the bed.

The Age Factor

Age plays an important role in things taken into consideration while choosing a bed. The elderly people should be more concerned about the height of the bed as it has a lot of effect on the joints of elderly people. Getting in and getting out of the bed put the knee joints under stress to cause pain in the joints. The low foot beds are the solution to this problem. These beds are just at the height where, when you are in a sitting position and your feet are touching the ground, the knees are in a straight position from your hip bones.

Children are full of energy and don’t get much affected by the height of the bed while jumping in or getting out of bed because of the energy level in their bodies.

Some major things about these beds:

Modernized Versions:

These beds have given a modern look to the existing luxurious designs. The classic design with a modern look is a good reason to buy them when you are upgrading your bedroom.

look more modern than the high foot bed design.

They are available in very beautiful, elegant and luxurious designs, so you have the liberty to choose them to suit your styling sense and according to the other room décor.


When buying a bed, there are so many things to be taken into consideration. The design, The colour, the size of your bedroom etc. All these things are important but choosing the right height for your bed is one of the most important things to consider for your comfort and well-being. Visit Ottoman Beds to select from a variety of beds in different sizes, styles and colours.