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Looking To Add The Right Umbrella To Your Outdoor Space? Here Is The List To Choose From

Your Outdoor Space


You enjoy having tea, coffee, beer, or any other drink in your outdoor space with a breath of fresh air, but sometimes when the heat turns extreme it gets difficult to feel the irritating sun rays on the skin that causes annoyance. To protect yourself from the extreme heat you should add a patio umbrella that can provide you shade and keep your sitting area cool. However, choosing the right and the most suitable umbrella for your outdoor space could be difficult as you have to consider factors like mobility, placement, effectiveness, color, and design that complement your outdoor space. Shop4patio offers plenty of such umbrellas to choose from. You might have made up your mind that which umbrella is right for your patio, but before you hit the ‘Buy’ button check out some different types of outdoor umbrellas. Who knows if you find better than your chosen one.

Traditional table umbrella

This umbrella simply covers the table and provides a shade to the people sitting under. Normally this umbrella has an aluminum pole in between that makes it sturdy and durable and a covering at the top. The top cover prevents you from getting sunburns or skin tan and allows you to enjoy the cool shade with your favorite companion.

Umbrella with LED lights

A series of glowing lights attached inside an umbrella is a growing and popular trend in modern times. These are the LED lights that can auto-change their colors and create a pleasant party atmosphere in your outdoor space.  A cool shade and a beautiful charm of light under one umbrella can make your evening mesmirizing. This is also called a tilted umbrella because of its titled shape.


An Awning has been designed with the purpose to serve more than one person at a time. It provides more shade than a regular umbrella and allows 3-4 people to sit under one roof. It is a worthwhile purchase for you even if you love spending a lot of time outdoors during afternoon. The awning comes in a very affordable range and is very easy to assemble and attach it to your desired outdoor space.

Offset umbrella

Offset umbrellas popularly known as cantilevers have a joint pole that stands as a support to the umbrella’s cover. The canopy provides support from the top and side that allows it to stand freely without the worry of falling down. This umbrella has a larger area that makes space for a group of people to sit below and talk without the pole in between. This can be a valuable addition to your patio as it rotates upto 360 degrees, gives space to a group of people and adds and appealing look to the outdoor environment. Well, all these features do not come for cheap, you will have to push your budget a little to purchase a quality product.

Solar umbrellas

You can buy the umbrella equipped with solar powered LED lights to enlighten your patio and turn your evening fantastic. These solar power lights accumulate the energy all day and lits up the environment the entire night. This is an eco-friendly and a fanciful solution to add good looks to your patio.


The aluminum is the most common material used in the designing of outdoor umbrellas. It is because of its durability and toughness. It is affordable and assures to serve quality for a significant time period from the date of purchase.


Many umbrellas are made of fiberglass that forms a good design and ensures durability. The umbrellas made of this material are generally light in weight which can be carried around whenever required. Due to its colorful variations it has become popular among the buyers.

By now you might have pictured which type of umbrella is fit for your patio in your mind and realized the bestv spot to place it. So, choose the right one and meet your expectations by adding this enhancing accessory to your patio More info to visit: