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DIY These Affordable Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home

DIY These Affordable Bookshelf Ideas for Your Home


Add some importance to your reading area by adding These uniques styled bookshelves. An appealing book reading area gives energy to the readers, more exciting display trigger more interest around your reading area. Moreover, it will add value to your house, and make it look more appealing. It will give your books a nice place, and let you use that area in a better way. 

These DIY Ideas will be cost-effective and will let you decorate your house as you like. Although DIY ideas are usually done when you have to fill up your bare walls. It will help you showcase your book collection to your guest and will leave a nice impression. 

Read about these DIYs and decore your empty walls, make it look modern and appealing, sophisticated and beautiful. Not only these bookshelves will hold your book collection you can also use them to showcase a few of your prized possessions. 

Let’s decorate your walls with some DIY bookshelves 

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are the easiest yet the most beautiful bookshelves idea. All you have to need is a plain wood shelf, attach some hooks on the wall where you need to hang it and place your floating wooden panel and you are good to go. 


Birdhouse bookshelves are usually placed in children room a wooden birdhouse shaped bookshelf will add value to a child room and will encourage them to read more. You can add a single birdhouse or a pair of them if the number of books is more to be adjusted than one bookshelf. 


A traditional bookshelf is far better than any other bookshelf. It goes with every home interior design. The traditional bookshelf has a lot of space compared to any DIY-ed bookshelf. It let you not only add books to the shelf but you can also add some decoration pieces to add more style. 


A tree-shaped bookshelf is unique and requires you to pull a few strings to get the job done. You will have to contact any woodworker to have yourself a nice looking tree-shaped bookshelf. Once you do and if the woodworker agrees then you will have the best-looking bookshelf one can have. The tree-shaped bookshelf has limited space but the value it adds to the room is huge. It will give a nice aura to your reading area and will make the reader read even more.

Hanging bookshelf 

A hanging bookshelf requires some ropes and a nice strong wooden panel. All you have to do is attach those ropes to the wooden panel and hang the ropes on the ceiling against the wall. It will give a nice nostalgic feeling of old times when people used to have them around their house. You can set a pair of them one containing your books and the other with your decorating items or any prized possession. 

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