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Different Types of Heating System for Your Home

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When you are buying or building a new home, one of the topmost things that you need to consider is the heating system that you need to install in it. This is particularly true when you live in an area or region where the winter can be quite extremely cold. This article lists down the different types of heating systems that you can choose from for your home.

Electric Baseboards

Electric baseboards are zone heaters that release heated air from their top while the cold air is pulled from their bottom. The seasoned professionals in heating and plumbing services suggest that you consider this kind of heating system if you prefer an HVAC system with a quiet operation. To save energy using this kind of heating system, make sure to periodically clean the heating coils, prolonging the heater’s life. However, the drawback of this heating system is that it can be easily damaged.

Radiant Heating

When it comes to radiant heating, heat is transferred directly from a hot surface. Because of the direct transfer of heat to people and objects in the room, this type of heating system doesn’t distribute allergens. In case you need to install this on a wood-framed floor, try to cover it with ceramic tiles to add some thermal mass. Perhaps the main drawback of radiant heating is that it can be quite expensive to install and repair in case you encounter issues with it.

Radiator Distribution System

Radiator distribution systems are also called boilers, which are commonly used in most houses, particularly the old structures. The great thing about a steam radiant heating system using radiators to distribute heat is that they are relatively trouble-free. However, this heating system requires a separate distribution system for cooling.

Forced Air Distribution System

A forced-air distribution system is commonly referred to as a furnace that is usually powered with gas. With this heating system, the air is forced over a series of ducts, and from there, heated and conditioned air is distributed throughout the home. However, expect that allergens can also be distributed in your home with this heating system.

The Bottomline

The heating systems listed above are only some of the ones that you can consider for your home. There are still various others that you can choose from but always remember that it all boils down to your specific needs and preferences. The heating system that may be perfect for one property may not be suitable for your home and vice versa.