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The Best Time to Move: Factors to Consider for a Smooth Transition

Best Time to Move


The thought of living in a new neighborhood is enough to put a smile on your face. However, whether making a local or long-distance move, this isn’t as easy as you may think. Moving requires lots of planning and can be costly. How and when you plan your move will determine how smooth the transition will be.

Here is what to consider when moving and ensure a smooth transition:

Moving season

The moving season determines the weather and the cost of the move. Off-season moves are cheaper and offer more flexibility. These moves may mean faster deliveries and discounts, thus saving money. However, the BRS Moving team will tell you that the best moving season depends on personal preferences. 

 Here are common moving seasons;

. Summer moves

Most people prefer to move in summer, making this one of the busy times of the year. The weather is more friendly during this time, and schools are off-session. Most homeowners list their homes in summer, and buyers are more likely to get new homes. However, this can be the most difficult time to get reliable movers, and you may spend more on the move.

·  Fall moves

Fall is also an ideal time to move. There’s minimal demand for movers, and the weather is a bit friendly. Fall movers offer much flexibility, but this depends on the month. For instance, late fall is associated with rain and snow, which can ruin your trip.

·   Winter moves

 Winter Moves are cost-effective but can be hectic. You have to deal with cold, snow, and winter storms. It can also be hard to lift packaging boxes into the truck, and the roads may be dangerous. Winter temperatures can also damage your valuables, thus requiring adequate preparation and safety measures.

    .  Moving time

There are many hours in a day, and you can do this in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

  • Morning moves

The best time to move is in the morning; this gives you time to load and unload your items upon arrival. If you also want to hire a storage truck, moving in the morning allows you time to get one and pack your goods. If moving in summer, moving in the morning helps avoid the scorching heat, which can damage your valuables.

  • Afternoon moves 

Afternoon moves are also ideal if you can’t get organized in the morning. However, you should prepare early and get everything ready to load the truck as soon as the movers arrive. This way, you can evade traffic in the evening.

       ·   Evening moves

If your schedule takes up many hours of your day, an evening move is inevitable. However, this depends on the location since some states have regulations regarding evening moves. Also, most mover companies may charge more if you move past the working hours. Therefore, understand the laws in your state, and ask the mover if you need any permits to move at night.

3. Budget

Your financial capability determines your moving time and season. If your budget is constrained, you may want to avoid moving during peak seasons. However, you will get different quotes from movers and should pick one to suit your budget.

Final thoughts

No matter your time to move, hire professional movers to help you. It will save you time and the stress of planning a successful move. Only engage licensed professionals with adequate experience to handle your goods.