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The Art of Moving: Proven Strategies for a Successful Move

Successful Move


Whether you have just bought a new home or moving due to a career opportunity, moving necessitates meticulous planning. You want to ensure the safety of your valuables and enjoy a smooth transition to your new residence. The good thing about this is that there are many hacks to achieving this.

Let’s learn about them.

1. Visit the new residence

Visit your new home and examine the features. This way, you will know if the space will fit your belongings. Also, take measurements of the doors, corridors, and hallways to determine what to leave behind. You can only carry what can fit in your space and may have to declutter to avoid crowding once you move in.

 If moving with kids, have them visit the new place and involve them in the entire moving process. Let them familiarize themselves with the new neighborhood; this will ensure a smoother transition.

2. Set priorities and timelines

 Moving involves multiple tasks. These may include shopping for packing supplies, packing, hiring movers, dissembling bulky furniture, etc. Plan how to do this and begin with the most essential tasks. Set a timeline for each, and have a checklist to guide you. This way, you stay organized and make the best use of your time.

3Enlist professional help

 Professional movers like the Metcalf Moving company have vast experience assisting homeowners in relocation. They know how to pack and ferry different household goods and will save you time. For instance, moving bulky or delicate items can be challenging; you may have to dissemble furniture and assemble it upon delivery.

Pack glassware and mirrors separately and secure them with tape to minimize damage. Professional movers have the right tools, equipment, and supplies, and will keep your belongings safe during transit. Most moving companies also offer storage facilities, so you don’t need to unpack immediately.

4. Pack right

Acquire adequate packaging supplies and ensure they are of high quality. Pack room by room; this will help you stay organized. Go through your belongings and sort them as per what you use often, rarely use, or don’t use. Put the items in different boxes and dispose of what you don’t need.

 Start packing in the rooms you use least; these can be the basement, guest rooms, and stores. Focus on one room and only move to the next when finished. By so doing, you avoid confusion that may result from mixing items from different rooms. Label all boxes and indicate the contents to ease unpacking.

5. Secure fragile items

Protect fragile items to minimize damages. You can achieve this by using high-quality packing boxes designed for moving. Also, bubble wrap will help cushion your belongings against impact during transit. Packing paper will also come in handy; use it to fill gaps inside the boxes for additional cushioning. Moreover, use packing tape to seal boxes and keep them intact when moving.


Moving is not as stressful as many homeowners think. You can use simple strategies and ease the hustle associated with moving. Consider the mentioned ideas, and seek more tips from professional movers in your state.