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Install a variety of security locks to improve the security of your home

security locks


In the case of homeowners, the top concern is protecting their families and their property.   Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help improve the security of your home and reduce the likelihood of theft.  If you follow these easy tips and use any locks product from this website, you can make sure that you are safe.

1. Construct safety gardens

It is not only possible to decorate your garden to enhance the appearance of your home, but you can also use it to repel burglars. Angie’s List reports that planting thorn bushes under windows can discourage burglars. According to Angie’s List, overgrown shrubs can provide hiding places for thieves. Keep shrubs near your windows and doors trimmed.

2. Thieves are stealing packages

Online shopping has its benefits, but door-to-door deliveries can be a tempting target for thieves. Consumer Reports recommends working with courier companies on security, requesting a text message when a delivery is made, requiring a signature, or just asking that packages be left in a less prominent location. Security cameras can also be installed around your house to monitor activities, according to Consumer Reports.

4. Safety is a must

The way you live can also affect the security of your home. When leaving their home, III encourages homeowners to close doors and windows properly and activate the alarm system. The III suggests leaving blinds open while you’re away, delaying mail and other deliveries, and setting light timers throughout your home (smart home devices can help with this).

Types of security Locks.

Euro-profile or cylindrical security locks:

European homes are most likely to have this design on the doors. The name derives from its cylinder-and-pear-bowler-shaped central mechanism. The cylinder features tabs that adapt to the key when it is inserted. This type of lock has an anti-bumping system that helps prevent thieves from forcing the lock due to new technologies.

Mortising or recessed locks:

As one of the most common, it can serve as the main one and be complemented by others for enhanced security. They are recessed locks, so all that can be seen is the hole where the key can be inserted. The device can be installed on both wooden and metal doors. To make your home even safer, they can also be equipped with an anti-bumping and anti-blocking system.

Locking rims:

As the lock is visible from the inside, they are placed especially on exterior doors. In order to make it safer, we should not install an anti-lever system. Typical lock that could be completed with a recessed one for maximum security. As a disadvantage, we must not forget that a visible part is easier to manipulate.

The multipoint lock:

Since it has several anchors on the door and is very difficult to force, it is one of the safest on the market. Two anchor points provide greater protection. You can choose between several models differing from each other by the number of anchors, since they can have more or less.

Digital locks:

Technology has enabled various types of security locks to improve and become more secure over time. The innovation of modern technology has made it possible for us to access our homes from a smartphone. Of course, there are other options as well, as Bluetooth, fingerprints, apps, etc.

From the many types of security locks we have seen so far, we can select one that will protect our home the best. You just have to find the one that suits you and your family best and combine it with a good home insurance policy so you can rest easy.