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Four Benefits of Entrance Mats

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Businesses of all industries can benefit from entrance mats. Safety, protection from dirt and bacteria, branding, and even protection are all benefits of mats.

First, entrance mats protect the floor surface on which they are placed. Common flooring materials in commercial buildings include marble, tile, and hardwood. These materials can become damaged, chipped, scratched or cracked from dropped objects, general wear and tear, and other factors. Many facility managers and owners are tempted to purchase commercial matting to protect their floors.

Entrance matting can also be used to prevent bacteria accumulation. They work in the same way as regular mats to remove dirt and debris from buildings’ entrances and exits. These products can be treated with antimicrobial substances that kill bacteria upon contact. These mats are ideal for kitchen areas, food service stations, or any other environment that needs to be free from contaminants.

You can personalize some entrance mats to provide a fourth benefit, branding. To increase brand awareness, mats can be customized with logos, slogans or insignias. These logo mats can be customized with company logos, slogans or insignias to match any interior color scheme. Moreover, digital printing and “sewn in” processes have made it possible to create logo mats with intricate images.

Entrance mats are important because they add safety to the exterior and interior areas of a building. Hardwood or tile flooring is often used in reception areas, lobbies and entryways. These flooring surfaces can look beautiful, but they can be dangerous when wet. In order to avoid accidents, entrance mats should be placed around the outside and inside of entryways. First, mats remove dirt and other debris from visitors’ shoes when they enter buildings. The dirt is swept away from the mat, and it falls to the floor. This prevents any unsightly or potentially dangerous accumulation. The rubber backing keeps the entrance mat in place on any smooth surface. This provides a solid surface for walking on and decreases the chance of slippage, accidental tripping and falls.

A well-planned matting system provides many benefits beyond covering the floors around the facility’s entrance and exits. Commercial matting provides a safe and comfortable environment, from dirt control to accident prevention. now offers Entrance mats as well as other products online. Buy Ultimate Mats Online Today!