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Why Thread Count Does not Matter When Buying Sheets

higher thread count sheets


One of the most common considerations when buying a bed sheet is the thread count. Most shoppers believe the higher the thread count, the better quality a sheet is. They associate the thread count with the comfort and softness of the sheet.

The craze about the thread count is so widespread that some stores are manipulating their figures. It’s common to find brands indicating higher non-existent thread counts on labels to attract more buyers and charge more.

So, what is the thread count, and does it matter when buying sheets?

What is thread count?

Thread count is the number of threads running both vertically and horizontally in a square inch. An average bed sheet comes with a thread count of around 400. However, higher thread count sheets contain as high as 1000 thread counts. Even though some manufacturers might claim higher counts than this, don’t believe them. In such cases, these are frauds as they stack thin cotton together to reach higher thread counts.

For a long time, the industry has claimed the higher the thread count, the better the sheet quality. When in truth, not all high thread count sheets are top quality. Various manufactures have found ways to twist yarns together to create an illusion of a high thread count; as such, one can increase the thread count without any corresponding high quality.

The number of thread counts depends on the fiber used to make a sheet. Thinner fibers tend to have higher thread counts. For example, silk is one of the most delicate fibers, it makes higher thread count sheets.

Does thread count matter?

Now that you understand thread count, the next question is, does it matter? Well, No, thread count on sheets does not matter. To reach higher thread counts, most manufacturers compromise on quality. What matters instead is the fiber.

When looking for a sheet, you need a comfortable one that will not create wrinkles and allow your skin to breathe. The sheet should not cause you to sweat all over while sleeping. That’s why cotton is more popular than some other fibers that otherwise could create sheets with higher thread counts.

What to Look for When Buying Sheets

Apart from the thread count and fabric, there are other factors to consider when buying a sheet. Some of these include;


How a sheet is woven determines its look, price, and longevity. Simple weaves with vertical and horizontal yarns are the more affordable options. Complex options like jacquard sheets are the top-scale options. Some of the other common weaves are satin, jersey, microfiber, and sateen.

Chemical and dyes

After weaving, several sheets are either dyed or passed through chemicals to create patterns and for durability. These chemicals, however, can develop irritations and other allergic reactions. Avoid them by looking for organic treatment sheets.

In Conclusion

There is more to a sheet than the thread count. Do not spend all your money looking for a higher thread count sheet when the quality is not guaranteed. Instead, look for all the variables like fiber, weave, and chemicals, and dye.