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Why No Tweaks Required For Teak Wood Furniture?

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Are you going to buy new furniture for your home? Don’t forget to research one of the world’s famous woods – Wakefit teak wood furniture. Teak wood is one of the options that pop up instantly in one’s mind when it comes to furniture. It is also one of the most expensive furniture types. Using teak wood in your home gives a luxurious look as it is a symbol of royalty. The best wood furniture in the world is made out of teak wood. The wood gives elegant look while being strong and sturdy inside.

Buying teak wood furniture could also be termed as an asset or a valid investment as it has a good resale value. The rich colour and pattern of grains make it more desirable. You could buy furniture made of normal wood, which would also last for a couple of years, but the speciality of using teak wood furniture is the refined look, undoubted quality, and artistic feel. No other wood type could give you this feeling of being complete. You can easily get some stylish furniture made of teak wood. If you are looking for a competitive teak wood bed price, you need to do research to find the best options.

Origin of Teak wood:

Teak comes from the tropic regions, mainly Southeast Asian nations like Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia. It is otherwise known as the Tectonagrandis. Teak wood has always been used by the powerful and the wealthy since the seventh century. Kings and queens adorned their residences with magnificent teak wood furniture to showcase their wealth and reputation. It soon became very famous in Indonesia and the Dutch. The use of teak was officially recorded in the fourth century when civilization started, and people started understanding the benefits of teak wood. Garden furniture fame rose to its peak during the Victorian era. Even today, you will find many public park benches and chairs in England made of teak wood that are more than a hundred years old but still look afresh and new.

Why is it so valuable?

Teak wood is at its best when derived from mature trees. It takes around eighty years for a teak tree to mature before it could be cut off for furniture. Eighty years is more than a person’s lifetime. The unique property of teak is that it prevents rust and corrosion in the metal that is in contact with the wood. It lives more than your lifetime. Teak wood furniture can be used for generations as they do not deteriorate. Moreover, teak wood has an abundance of natural oils, silica, and rubber in its inner grains that protects the tree for more than a hundred years. The teak wood can retain these oils even after the tree is cut off, thus increasing the life of teak wood furniture. It is weatherproof, waterproof, and termite resistant. You will find all the best qualities that you have been expecting in furniture from teak wood.

Best features of Teak wood furniture:

Strength and durability – Buying teak wood furniture is the wisest decision you can ever make as it is the world’s finest and most durable hardwood. It is the best durability you can ever find and will even last more than a lifetime. Ancient homes may still have very old furniture like teak wood beds and tables that are strong and durable even today. Teak wood is harvested and properly kiln-dried for stability. Sleeping on a teak wood bed gives you the best feeling ever. It stays strong and does not warp or creak at any point in time.

Elegance and beauty – Teak wood exhibits a very high aesthetic appeal which feels rich, luxurious and royal. Its straight grain pattern is the most attractive of all hardwoods. It has a golden brown colour and, when left outdoor, transforms graciously into a silver-grey colour. Teak wood is the standard that all other woods are compared to from time to time. Purchasing garden furniture with teak wood feels elegant and very stylish. Teak wood also slowly turns from golden brown to dark brown as it ages. However, both these colours give a grand look to the furniture.

Adaptability – Teak wood furniture has plenty of natural benefits, more than you can ever think of. Hence it easily adapts itself to any type of situation and weather. Its water-resistant properties allow it to be widely used for outdoor and garden furniture. It could be used for making excellent dining tables large and strong. Elegant cabinets, patio furniture, park benches, etc. can look exotic when made with teak wood. Any type of furniture can look wonderful when made out of teak wood. Teak wood bed design for palaces was quite famous in Asian countries.

Advantages of Teak wood furniture:

Here are a few advantages of teak wood furniture, which is why teak wood is priced so high and is more valuable.

  • The strong and durable nature endures heavyweight and is ideal for making beds and tables.
  • The natural oils present in teak protect it from dry rot, which keeps the furniture fresh and new for more than a hundred years.
  • The oil and rubber protect the heart of the wood and offers resistance to fungi, mites, beetles, and parasites.
  • Unlike other woods, teak is termite resistant and thus requires no maintenance at all.
  • It is the most beautiful wood found in the world.
  • Teak wood furniture is water-resistant and weatherproof, which can be used for outdoor gardens, parks, patios, balconies, etc.
  • The furniture is heavy and dense, thus having a high weight volume ratio.
  • It is a less maintenance, sustainable and self-regulating type of wood.


After looking at the benefits of teak wood, and its long-lasting qualities, it is wise to go for teak wood furniture when the price is not a constraint. The advantages of teak wood are plenty in number. What more could one ask for? Try teak wood furniture, which is versatile and can be used for more diverse purposes.