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When should I get termite treatment for my premise?

When should I get termite


Termite treatment is one of the modern-day requirements. But if you don’t treat the termite correctly, the problem might persist for a long time, costing you a lot of time, money, and effort. Termite is one such pest that lingers around the corner all year around. Irrespective of any season, it persists.

Even if you are doing new construction, you should go with a company in  pre construction melbourne  which can offer pre-construction termite control service to avoid future problems. Pre-construction termite control means the treatment for precautions; termite treatment involves dealing with existing pests or the possibility of a termite attack. The right time to initiate this process is the winter season.

The winter season is more favourable for termite treatment because the termite behaviour is more predictable during this season. You might get a treatment done during any season, as you can find these pests surviving all the seasons. But, if you wish to get efficient results, the winter season is one ideal time.

How long does a termite treatment last?

Termite treatment can get classified into two main categories. One of the classifications is a liquid termite treatment, while the other is a termite bait treatment. Both the treatments last for varying periods. Liquid termite treatment secures the place from any termite attack for at least five years. At the same time, termite bait treatment must be deposited from time to time and thus does not protect for a very long time.

Factors influencing termite protection

1. Type of Termite

The type of termite that infects your place primarily determines the extent to which the termite treatment might last. Like any other species of pests, termites are also of various types. The two most common types of termites are subterranean and dry wood. The former category originates from the soil, while the latter survives by making a tunnel within the wood.

2. Extent of Infestation

The extent of the infestation is directly proportional to the time required to remove the termite. This factor prevails when your premise gets a termite attack because pre-construction termite control is a preventive measure, not a cure. So, if the termite network is well-established, it might take a longer time to remove it all.

3. Home Conditions

Another factor determining the effectiveness of termite treatment is the environment that prevails in the home. This environment includes all the components of the home that need to be treated. If the house consists of more wooden furniture, the treatment might take a little longer than usual and require proper attention.

Those are the few factors influencing termite protection. If you need to hire pre-construction termite control, go to any company like 365 Pest Control. Hope this article is helpful to you.