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What is it like to living and work around the Asoke BTS station area in Bangkok?

Asoke Tower


The area near the Asoke BTS station is considered a prime location mainly because it is where the interchange station connecting the BTS skytrain and the MRT subway is located. Living in this area gives you easy access to both railway systems, which means you can travel conveniently regardless of whether your work commute requires you to take the BTS or the MRT.

Aside from giving you access to transport options that let you easily travel to anywhere in Bangkok, Asoke is one of the most comfortable neighbourhoods to live in as there are offices, co-working spaces, supermarkets, malls, banks, parks, fitness centres, restaurants, cafés, and other essential establishments within easy reach.

Here’s what it’s like to live and work around Asoke BTS station.

Places to eat around Asoke BTS station

There are various types of restaurants that can be found around Asoke, ranging from inexpensive to fancy places. Whether you’re looking for Thai or international cuisine, you can find both popular fast-food chains and specialty restaurants in and around Asoke. Famous food chains like KFC, Hachiban Ramen, Pepper Lunch, MK Restaurant, Burger King, and others can be found in malls like Terminal 21, Emporium, and EmQuatier.

If you are keen on local food, you’ll be delighted to find many food stalls on the streets. But if you prefer to dine in a more comfortable setting, you can visit any of the various cool eating places in Asoke, featuring an assortment of Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and French restaurants, which cater to the large expat population in the area.

What’s more, there is a Korea town, which is basically a building where you can find Korean restaurants and establishments, as well as a few Japanese restaurants. There is a Japanese supermarket called Fuji supermarket, located in an alley that evokes Japanese street vibes.

Where to drinking around Asoke BTS station

You can do caféhopping around Asoke for good coffee or tea on a lazy afternoon, whether you prefer big franchises or small, quaint coffee shops. At night, you can wind down with a bottle of beer or cocktails at many of the bars and/or restaurants, especially within Nana area/Nana BTS, which is next to the Asoke BTS station.

Living around Asoke area

Living in a condominium in Asoke such as Asoke Tower (อโศก ทาวเวอร์) will make your life very convenient. For one, you’ll never have to go too far to find places to eat. There is also a nearby park called Benchasiri Park, near the Phrom Phong BTS station, where you can run or do outdoor exercises. And there are many supermarkets nearby as well, both in the malls and around the Sukhumvit area. Those with kids can enrol their little ones at any of the international schools in the area.

For deep relaxation, you can visit any of the massage spas and wellness centres in the area, while ladies who could use some pampering can go to any of the parlours and nail salons.

In case you need healthcare, there are a number of hospitals within the vicinity, including Asoke Skin Hospital, Sukhumvit Hospital, Rutnin Eye Hospital, and Samitivej Hospital, just to name a few.

Travelling around Asoke BTS station

As you know, Asoke BTS is an interchange train station connecting the BTS Skytrain and the subway (MRT), which is why if you live within this area, it is quite convenient to travel by train. Besides that, you can choose to travel by bus, motorcycle taxi, or via any of the ride hailing services like Grab especially during rush hours when there is heavy traffic and driving isn’t ideal.

What are weekends like in the Asoke area?

One of the things you will notice on weekends is that most of the restaurants in Asoke can get pretty busy. After a long, gruelling work week, people want to spend their free time eating good food and relaxing with friends and families. Other weekend entertainment options include watching movies in the theatres and playing sports in the park. Or, you can simply enjoy the view of the Bangkok skyline at restaurants with views of the city or rooftop bars where you can have a drink or eat international cuisine. The Asoke area certainly offers the best Bangkok city living has to offer!

In addition, if you need a good suit at a reasonable price, there are many tailors around the area offering good deals that are worth checking out. Other notable places include the Power Nap Lounge where weary souls can take a much-needed rest.

Health buffs will be pleased with the variety of yoga studios and fitness centres in the neighbourhood. Those who like to go on a street food trip will delight in the street food scene during the weekend.

Is life in the Asoke area something you are looking for? If so, check out to get more information about the area’s interesting condominiums other than Asoke Tower. Have a look at your options to get an idea of the kind of place you’d like to stay in, so you can enjoy the urban life the way you want to!