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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Kitchens are one of the most used and important rooms in the house, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want yours to look or feel worn down. Over the years, because of how much they’re used, they tend to show their age. Unfortunately, full kitchen remodels can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t have the money to do that right now or are just trying to sell your house as-is without having to spend too much on upgrades, there are a few tricks to get your kitchen looking sharp. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Install New Lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, you’ll want to think about two things: functional and fitting. When we talk about functional, you’ll want lighting that is going to help you to see while cooking and cleaning. This might include recessed lighting under cabinets or some track lights above the kitchen sink/stove. After you choose functional pieces, you can move on to ones that are more fun and that fit with your aesthetic. Have fun with trendy sconces on the walls, some linear pendants over bars or islands, and maybe even a chandelier. There are a ton of online resources and sites where you can find affordable lighting fixtures as well! 

Switch Out Hardware

One of the easiest and least expensive options for upgrading your kitchen is to install all new hardware. This includes new door handles and cabinet knobs. Over time, these pieces tend to get worn down and the styles also become outdated. If you’re considering selling your home, choose some pieces that aren’t going to go out of style anytime soon, like stainless steel. These simple changes can make a huge difference.

Revamp Cabinetry

Hiring someone to come in and reinstall all new cabinets can be a project costing well over $10,000. The good news is that if you have some time, patience, and cabinets that aren’t too bent out of shape, you can have cabinets that look as good as new in just a few days. Start by washing them down and sanding them if necessary and adding a primer. Choose a color that’s going to fit in well with your kitchen, and feel free to get a little creative. Paint your cabinets and add a finish. Not only will your kitchen look fresh and new, but it will also look much more valuable. 

Upgrade Storage

Most of the time, kitchen storage doesn’t come in the best of forms and can use a little help. Additionally, people who are looking for homes are looking for a kitchen where they can picture themselves living and cooking. This is a perfect opportunity to get creative with your kitchen storage and make the most out of your space. Take advantage of wall storage, shelves, and behind-the-door hangers to help maximize space. 

Whether you want to sell your home or just want the best kitchen space possible, doing some mini DIY renovations will help you make the most of it all. We’ve listed some ideas above, but don’t hesitate from doing what feels like the best for your specific space. At the end of the day, the most fun you have from the experience, the better!