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Home Improvement Projects Homeowners can tackle in 2023

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The New Year means a fresh start on various home improvement projects. Take a closer look at these simple to-do list items property owners can do this year.

Add more curb appeal

Redesigning the front yard can completely change the look and feel of the house. Something as simple as planting plants in the entryway will draw in guests. When the time comes to sell the property, the house’s curb appeal can attract prospective buyers’ attention. Property owners can improve the front landscaping of their houses, paint their front doors, clean the front walk using a power wash, or complete another project to improve curb appeal.

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Silence all the floor squeaks

When the property has a bare floor, homeowners can eliminate floor squeaks. The most effective and easiest way is by driving screws into floor joists. Existing screws or nails tell people where the joists are. Owners can walk around the rooms with markers in hand and mark all the squeaky parts of the floor.

The next thing they need to do is to drive in screws, six inches apart and add more screws, if necessary, until the squeaks are gone. In most instances, two-inch screws are the best ones to use. For subfloors that are thicker than three-fourth inches, they can use two-and-a-half-inch screws. If they want to prevent this issue from developing, homeowners can add screws to all joists.

Put up reliable motion-detector lights

Motion-detector lighting is a proven crime deterrent device, and standard hard-wired types cost as little 10$. If running electricity is pretty hard, purchase a type that runs on photovoltaic or solar energy. The disadvantage of this device is its cost. Owners should not stop at these lights; they can install full-home security systems to match their lights.

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Removing radon

Radon is anodorless, invisible, and radioactive element that can move through spaces in the soil. It can enter the house through openings like foundation or concrete slab cracks. At elevated levels, it can cause lung cancer in the long run and is one of the leading cause of lung problems like lung cancer behind tobacco smoking.

This element is estimated to cause at least twenty-one thousand deaths every year in the United States alone. It is tasteless, odorless, and colorless and is also called the silent killer among medical professionals. Even if the neighbor’s property has a very high level of this element that does not mean theirs does.

Each property varies, and age does not matter. These things can usually be found in new houses. Test kits for this element are readily available at hardware stores and home centers for around ten dollars. They usually involve setting collectors in the house for at least one week and sending it to reputable laboratories for analysis.

People will get test results in around one week. Homeowners can conduct the test in the least livable area of the house. Individuals can consult radon mitigation contractors if the test gives a high reading. These professionals can expertly test the property and install radon mitigation systems to minimize it to a harmless level or remove it completely.

The best and most effective system is vented pipes placed in sump pits or holes made under concrete floor slabs. These vents run up through the property, out the roof, or the side of the house, up to the eaves. An in-line fan for the element is placed correctly outside or in the attic to suck air through these vents. Openings in the concrete floor slabs or the foundation are thoroughly sealed to keep the elements out. Experts usually charge homeowners up to two thousand dollars for the installation alone.

Weatherstrip doors and hatches

After sealing attic bypasses, homeowners need to push insulations back into their place with old broom handles or sticks as they back out of the area. They then need to finish up by sealing the access door with a self-sealing foam weatherstrip and similar products.

They may need to add new wooden stops to provide better surfaces for weatherstrips, as well as enough room for fasteners. They can position these fasteners so that they slightly compress weatherstrips when they latch entry hatches. They can use the same procedure if they have hinged doors that lead to their attic.

Update bathrooms

When it comes to various projects that can provide an excellent return when selling time comes, minor bathroom remodels procedures can be a good option. Homeowners can give their bathrooms a beautiful makeover, replace the faucet and toilet if needed, update shower heads for a better experience, as well as re-caulk bathroom tubs.