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Fire Doors: A Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide


Regarding safety, fire doors are essential for any commercial or residential building. Fire doors provide crucial protection—against flames, smoke, and toxic fumes—by acting as a barrier between rooms, floors, and stairwells. And yet we often overlook them; if we don’t know what kind of door is protecting our family or colleagues from harm, how can we be sure they will work reliably when needed? This guide aims to help you understand the importance of using fire doors in buildings to rest assured that your environment has the highest levels of life safety protection with maximum convenience.

What is a Fire Door, and What Does it Do?

A fire door is a type of door designed to resist the spread of fire and smoke. They are typically made from steel or timber and can come with various coatings and insulation materials. Fire doors consist of two parts: the frame, which holds the door in place, and the leaf, which is the actual part of the door that opens and closes. Fire doors are most commonly found in commercial and residential buildings and are essential for protecting life and safety against fire.

When closed, fire doors act as a barrier between rooms or floors—containing the flames, smoke, and toxic fumes created by a building fire. They also provide an escape route for occupants to evacuate the building in an emergency. Fire doors are designed to protect for up to 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the material and configuration used.

How Do Fire Doors Work?

Fire doors work by containing flames and smoke within a building. The door frames are designed to remain intact even in extreme heat, while the door leaves are designed to expand slightly when heated, creating an airtight seal between rooms or floors. This helps contain any fire or smoke that may be present within the room.


The insulation materials used in fire doors also help slow the spread of heat and flames. For example, a fire-resistant glass used in some door leaves can block intense heat for up to 120 minutes.

Do Fire Doors Require Maintenance?

Yes, fire doors require regular maintenance and inspection to remain operational and practical. A qualified professional should inspect all fire doors annually to ensure they are in good working order. Capital Fire Doors can conduct detailed inspections of your fire doors and provide necessary repairs or replacements. Thwarted hinges, worn seals, and broken frames should all be checked regularly to ensure your fire doors provide the highest protection levels.

You may need more regular inspections for newly occupied buildings or if your fire doors have been exposed to excessive heat or pressure.

It is also vital to ensure that the environment in which the door is located is suitable for a fire door. This may include checking any stairs, walls, or ceiling around the door for potential obstructions that could prevent it from closing correctly. Any furniture or equipment near fire doors should be checked and moved if necessary.

Fire doors are an essential part of any building’s safety system. They protect against flames, smoke, and toxic fumes as a barrier between rooms, floors, and stairwells. Fire doors must be regularly inspected and maintained to remain operational and effective. A professional and reliable fire door inspection and repair service is available to ensure that your doors provide the highest levels of life safety protection.