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Create The Unexpected With Stunning Custom Wallpaper

peel on wallpaper


In the 1970s, wallpaper was used by an endless number of people, mostly in homes and business offices. In fact, it was so popular that many design and colour offices used peel on wallpaper.

The trend has re-emerged after several decades, this time in commercial spaces and offices, wallpaper is no longer merely an accessory for the home, but is also an important tool for highlighting your unique personality and style.

An office which has drab wallpaper can be transformed into a more vibrant, more lively one with wallpaper. Stairs, doors, ceilings, and wall cladding can also be made of these products. As for spaces, dining rooms, offices, meeting rooms, corridors, bathrooms, receptions, elevators, and commercial properties use them.

The question is, how should I choose my wallpaper?

If you are only considering projecting your brand image, then the colors of your company and its philosophy will determine the colors to choose for the reception area and lobbies.

The wallpaper can also provide the perception of texture on a visual level by offering white, grey and beige. If you’re feeling daring, you can choose from colours like yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, royal blue, green apple, as well as diamond designs and geometric figures.

There are those who love photography and here they can select that option, in that case you can choose a wallpaper of images featuring elements of nature or emblematic structures.

It will suit you if you prefer something classic but not boring, such as vertical lines of contrasting colors, which is very 1970s-inspired.

You can choose from flower designs, filigree and warm styles, as well as a wide variety of prints if you’re daring enough.

It is not necessary to choose between multiple butterfly wallpaper designs, if you like several at once, as long as they are harmonious in their composition and use contrasting colours in conjunction with objects and furnishings.

Despite reducing wall covering costs, adhesive wallpaper is easy to remove, it does not damage walls, and it is easy to clean, and it eliminates the need to repaint annually.

The tapestries can give their spaces a sense of height or depth, a light effect, by using colours that are light and featuring images that display the outside world. Take advantage of the wallpaper to decorate your home, do not overlook it.