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A Few Things To Think About Before Preparing Your Raised Garden Bed

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Are you planning to get a raised garden bed installed at your house? Well, raised garden beds can be placed anywhere you want to. The area requires around 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day. They can also be of any size you would like. However, here we will speak about a few important things that you will have to think about before you decide to grow your plans in a raised garden bed.

What size should it be?

Raised garden beds are generally rectangular. They are around 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. You will be able to select your size depending on your available space. The height of the above ground garden beds is also quite important. The height needs to be chosen depending on the kind of plants you wish to have in your garden bed.

How do you pick your perfect spot?

While preparing the garden bed, the location is really important. However, you don’t need to have to place your garden bed in your backyard only. You can keep it anywhere you want, provided that it gets the required amount of sun rays. You can also change the location of your garden bed now and then.

Do you wish to install drip irrigation?

If you want to include a drip irrigation system, you will have to do this before completing your raised garden bed. In that way, you will be able to run your hoses below the layer of mulch. You can also include other kinds of water sources for watering your plants regularly. Some people use a pipe for watering their plants daily.

How much soil are you going to need?

You need to get good quality soil for your raised garden bed. It would help if you did not compromise with the soil quality as it is inevitable for plant growth. Try using porous soil as it will allow the roots of plants to penetrate the soil. You should also make sure that the soil particles are rich in nutrients. You can also try to mix the mulch and compost with your existing soil. This will enhance fertility and will also provide the required nutrients to the plants.

What kind of plants will you grow?

Next, you will have to choose the type of plants that you wish to grow for your raised garden bed. Please do not end up planting too tall plants as it will make it difficult for you to maintain your garden bed. Always go for small plants that grow well with little or no maintenance. You can choose to go for carrot, tomato or potato plants. Mixing green plants can also work well. You may also try to plant leguminous plants now and then to supply the required nitrogen to the soil. You may also use Vego Garden raised planter boxes for your garden.